Welding for Office Furniture Manufacturers

Welding Metal Production for the Office Furniture Industry

We are trusted manufacturers for the office furniture industry.

Whether you need decorative or structural metal components for office furniture, you can be sure that Weld Technologies will meet your company’s needs in the most efficient and exacting way possible. We fabricate OEM metal components and welded assemblies using a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

From simple to intricate designs, we fabricate quality metal office furniture and components that will meet your specifications, on budget, and on time. Our office furniture fabrication services provide products in a variety of shapes. We ensure that your office furniture products are built to your company’s unimpeachable standards.

Our capabilities include robotic, resistance, and manual welding techniques. Our qualified team will determine which is the best fit for your application depending on the design and material used. Weld Technologies ensures efficiency and consistency across all welded products.

Roll Formed Parts for Office Furniture